‘The Shepherd Boy and the Wolf: A Stop-motion Adaptation’

Bullhead Entertainment presents ‘The Shepherd Boy and the Wolf: A Stop-motion Adaptation,’ which is animated in clay.THE SHEPHERD BOY AND THE WOLF: A STOP-MOTION ADAPTATION by Bullhead Entertainment

Over 10,000 still photographs are brought to life in this unique adaptation of Aesop’s classic fable, The Boy Who Cried Wolf.

Film Description:

Although many people are familiar with the traditional moral tale, which demonstrates the consequences of lying, this adaptation follows Aesop’s story with a less-than-traditional approach. Not only is the character of the boy brought to life through his humorous antics, the entire film is enhanced through unique artistry that combines 10,000 still photographs with modern graphics. This film is a fresh take on an ancient tale that continues to be relevant despite the passage of time.

Behind the Scenes:

This animation was shot in a Denver, CO studio. The set measured over 12 feet in length and the characters were on average 5 inches tall.

Animator John Grigsby and director Timothy Schultz worked for hours each day in order to generate only a few seconds of footage. The entire film took nearly 4 months to shoot. John Grigsby is also the composer of the original music in this film.


‘The Shepherd Boy and the Wolf: A Stop-motion Adaptation’ played film festivals worldwide and is now viewable on Youtube.

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