Do you believe in ghosts?

CHASING THE SHADOWS - GHOST DOCUMENTARYThis ghost documentary will give you something to think about. A recent Gallup poll suggests that 1/3rd of Americans swear they exist. A second poll from the UK suggests that there are now more people in the UK who believe in ghosts than in God. However, what do they actually believe in?

What really is a ghost?

Documentary filmmaker Timothy Schultz sets out on a 4-year journey for answers while exploring his own passion to know if an experience he had as a little boy could have been a ghost. He meets a cast of colorful characters including psychics, tarot reading wizards, paranormal investigators, skeptics, and scientists. Together, they take him deep into some of the most haunted locations on the planet.

Where is the most haunted place on Earth?

This ghost documentary searches for answers. Timothy Schultz’ film crew explores numerous locations, which include:

The Stanley Hotel – (Inspiration to the classic horror novel, ‘The Shining’)

The Myrtles Plantation – (Known as one of America’s most haunted homes)

Benin, Africa – (The birthplace of Voodoo)

The Bardi Castle in Italy – (A medieval castle with a dark history, which is explored by a team of scientists studying paranormal activity)

Other Colorado locations include the Belvedere Theatre, The Peabody-Whitehead Mansion, the Croke Patterson Mansion, and the Lumber Baron Inn.

Spiritual communication and life-after-death:

The results are eerie, thought-provoking, and often terrifying. His journey into the paranormal reaches a climax when he attempts to contact a friend who committed suicide during the making of the film.

From filmmaker Timothy Schultz himself:

“The production of this film was an extraordinary experience. If you accept that it is possible for a spirit to become stuck, for energy to haunt a certain location, no matter the cause of it, then it really brings up many questions about the nature of our true reality and life after death.”

Behind-the-scenes trivia:

‘Chasing the Shadows’ was edited inside of the Peabody-Whitehead Mansion in Denver, Colorado, which has a reputation for being extremely haunted. Director Timothy Schultz vied for this film to be edited at the mansion for inspiration. The crew experienced some very strange occurrences throughout post-production, including strange noises and unexplainable poltergeist activity.

Director Timothy Schultz has appeared in numerous media outlets to discuss the film including on Coast to Coast AM and ‘Ghost Adventures’ on The Travel Channel.


This documentary played film festivals worldwide before being released on-line and via DVD.

How can you watch this ghost documentary?

‘Chasing the Shadows’ is currently available to stream here.